Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas

It’s not easy to find the perfect wall art. You want it to be high quality, but also affordable. You want it to be unique, but not too complicated. And you want it to match your decor while still standing out on its own. Luckily, we have just what you’re looking for. Here are some of our favorite Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas prints that will look perfect in any room of your home or office!


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Showing 1–21 of 22 results

Do you now Pittsburgh Pirates team history

Founded as Pittsburgh Pirates on July 8, 1933 by Arthur J. Rooney, Pittsburgh Steelers is a professional American football team based in Pittsburgh. The Steelers compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the American Football Conference (AFC) North division. Founded in 1933, the Steelers are the seventh-oldest franchise in the NFL, and the oldest franchise in the AFC.

Why Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas Prints are the best

No Pittsburgh Steelers fans want to take the simple approach. Everyone wants something unique and fun. That’s why we love these Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas Prints so much. They fit right in with most Pittsburgh Steelers posters, but also give you enough options to work with to make your room stand out.

There are three posters available for purchase, each of which is hand-painted by the talented artists at LaPorte Farms. The first features the Steelers logo on the front, while the back side sports a football field. The second is the black and gold Steelers logo on the front, while the back features a basketball court in the background. The third is an all-black Steelers logo that we love, but you can also opt for another color and insert it into the poster.

What makes our Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas Prints different

We got some of the most talented artists in the country to work on our artwork. You get two choices, either you can pick from four or eight different Steelers prints, or all eight. Or you can have a football wallpaper in which case all four options are available. That’s right, no matter which set you choose, each one is unique and special.

Why the Pittsburgh Steelers?

We want you to get your gear in the Pittsburgh Steelers colors. Even if you’re not from Pittsburgh, there’s nothing like an authentic Pittsburgh Steelers print. We know you’ve seen other Steelers Canvas prints, and while they may be great, you’ve probably never seen them made right here in Pittsburgh. So we worked with local artisans to make each and every one of our Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas prints with style and quality.

Where to find your favorite Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas print

Steelersfanhome.com – You can’t get better than this store. NFL Shop has a great selection of Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas prints that they carry in their NFL Shop gallery. I know this because we’ve reviewed several of their NFL Shop Canvas wall art and were impressed by their quality. You can also see more of their Steelers Canvas wall art here.


There’s no denying that the Pittsburgh Steelers are a powerhouse. The team has been around for over 100 years, and has seen tremendous success. Even without the championship banners hanging in the rafters, the Steelers still have a great reputation. If you love Pittsburgh, love your team, and want to give your room a little more ‘Steelers’ flavor, then we have just what you’re looking for. We have come up with some high quality Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas prints that will bring the fans and players to life. Don’t be scared away by the price, as these Pittsburgh Steelers Canvas prints are well worth every penny.