Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs

We have grown to love the Pittsburgh Steelers over the last few years. If you are a complete Steelers fanatic, then this is a must-have addition to your collection of Pittsburgh Steelers gear. The Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs bring a little bit of team spirit on every wear. The Crocs Crocband shoe features an embroidered team logo on the outside and Croslite material on the inside for an incredibly comfortable fit!


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Reasons Why You Should Love the Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers are an American football team in the AFC North Division of the NFL. Pittsburgh Steelers are also known as “The Steelers”. Pittsburgh Steelers was established on July 8, 1933, by Arthur Joseph Rooney. Its headquarters are located in the South Side area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Why You Should Get Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs

These Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs are simply for the best. They are available in six different colors including Pittsburgh Steelers Black, Pittsburgh Steelers Blue, Pittsburgh Steelers Gray, Pittsburgh Steelers Black (Gator White), and Pittsburgh Steelers Grey.

The best part of these Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs is that they are priced at a reasonable price, too. They cost just $52.95. These Crocs are a great value, and are made from the durable Croslite material. It is a semi-transparent material that prevents you from damaging your socks, while being highly breathable.

This material is very easy to clean and the rubber sole means that your feet will stay comfortable and dry.

What are the Benefits of Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs?

It’s safe to say you can wear Crocs with a Steelers shirt or jersey in public. I have owned them since 2005 when the first pair came out, and have only worn them with Steelers clothing. When I wear Crocs with different outfits, it creates a brand new world of comfort and style.

These shoes are popular because they look good, the material is lightweight, and they are comfortable. They are unique because they are made from Croslite, which makes them very light. They are affordable at only $29.99 per pair. I am very partial to my gray pair with the black stitching on the tongue. They are timeless.

You can find your perfect Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs women & men pair at Steelers Store.

Where to Shop for Pittsburg Steelers Crocs

Get your very own pair of Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs here at myteam.com. With only a limited number of these awesome shoes being released, be sure to get your Steelers Crocs on Steelers fan home.


Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs may be a little bit quirky, but they will help you out when you want to show a little bit of love for your team. These are the best Steelers Crocs that we have found and they are all comfortable and stylish. With a bit of luck, you may even be able to find some Pittsburgh Steelers shirts for your favorite players to wear too. Take a look through these Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs and don’t forget to check out all of our great Pittsburgh Steelers gear from The Steelers Fan home Store!