Pittsburgh Steelers Leather Jacket

Why get just any old winter jacket when you can rep your team? Whether you’re headed to the game or just hanging out at home, this Pittsburgh Steelers Leather Jacket will keep you warm. It features the same design as what the players wear on game day so if you’re looking to get noticed, this is the way to do it. Plus, it’s got two front pockets and two interior pockets so if you need somewhere to store your phone, wallet or anything else, there are plenty of options available.


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At steelersfanhome.com, we make it easy to cheer on your favorite team. If you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you can show your pride with this high-quality NFL jacket. With the classic hard-hitting style of the Steelers, you’ll be prepared for the game day no matter where you go or what the weather conditions are outside. From its durable synthetic materials to its sleek good looks, this is the ultimate in outerwear. Whether you live in Pittsburgh or just bleed black and gold, a Pittsburgh Steelers Jacket is a must-have for any self-respecting football fan!

The Pittsburgh Steelers Leather Jacket Better Than Other Ones

The details are what really sets this jacket apart. First, it’s made with cow leather which is the best type to make a quality jacket. The lapels, collar and any other details are also made from high quality cow leather. But the best part of it all is that it also has a “bubble” style with the inside lining inside a cow skin for added warmth and comfort.

The best part about this jacket is that it can be found at many different places. Sure, it’s one of those brands that isn’t available at every big box store but it’s more than just a jacket you can buy at Walmart or Target. With good quality and a snappy price tag, there’s no reason not to go with it and you’ll have plenty of guys looking at you as they see you wearing it.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Jacket from Official Steelers Gear is available for both men and women in a variety of colors and sizes. There are also a variety of different collar colors available if you don’t want to stick with the official team design. It’s almost perfect for the Steelers and their fans.